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Welcome to DD Bricks, the world's premier reseller of LEGO® products! Bringing together unmatched expertise and creativity to serve LEGO® enthusiasts globally. 

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Watch as we bring personalized LEGO® corporate gifts to life, tailor-made for your brand.

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Our Services, Your Vision:
Crafting Unique LEGO
® Experiences

lego bricks on display corporate gift

In a crowded market filled with standard gifts like mugs and pens, a distinctive corporate gift like a LEGO® set can set your company apart from its competitors. Opting for such a creative and quality-driven gift demonstrates that you are commitment to building meaningful relationships.

Team at DD Bricks happily waving hands

We pride ourselves on a robust team of over 70 dedicated professionals, led by expert team leads who bring a wealth of experience, qualifications, and creativity to the company.

kitting lego bricks professional hand

Kitting refers to the process of organizing and packaging all necessary LEGO bricks and components into predefined kits, tailored to specific building projects

tablet online mode for worlwide shipping

We understand that the excitement of building begins with timely delivery. That's why we've perfected our shipping processes to ensure that your custom LEGO® solutions arrive when and where you need them. Here’s how we make sure your building experience starts off right:

Colorful LEGO bricks falling out of a box onto a white surface by professional man

As the largest reseller of LEGO products in the world, DD Bricks boasts an unmatched scale and scope of operations that set it apart in the marketplace.

Internal Meeting Discussion

Over seven years of robust experience in the LEGO industry. Our experiences coupled with a unique blend of German precision and Thai creativity, shapes the core of our operational excellence and customer service.

Lego bricks shipping containers at the dd bricks warehouse

DD Bricks provides a seamless and comprehensive range of LEGO services and products all under one roof, enhancing the convenience and efficiency for all our customers.

working at dd bricks two colleagues going through checklist

We exemplify a unique fusion of Thai creativity with German precision, underpinned by an agile approach to business operations. This not only sets our company apart in the LEGO market but also enriches the customer experience by delivering diverse, reliable, and efficient LEGO solutions.

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A Journey Through Customization

Watch how we create unique LEGO® experiences tailored for your business.


Our Projects

Custom lego tram for a hongkong based insurance company

DD Bricks teamed up with a well-known insurance company in Hong Kong, celebrating its 25th anniversary, to craft a unique gift for its employees.


Let's dive into how we tackled the challenge of creating custom LEGO tram replicas that capture the city's spirit.

Custom lego cargo van for a global logistics company

We collaborated with a leading logistics company, whose name remains undisclosed due to non-disclosure agreements, to create unique corporate gifts.


This case study delves into our partnership, showcasing the design process, production, and the impact of our custom LEGO trucks.

For a leading producer of industrial-scale electric transformers

Our collaboration with a US-based company specializing in industrial-scale electric Transformers resulted in the creation of a remarkable LEGO model—a truck with a flatbed transporting one transformer.


This case study delves into our approach to designing a standout model while balancing scale, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

Lego science lab for a supplier of machines for chemical analysis

In the realm of corporate gifting, customization and attention to detail are crucial.


Our collaboration with a company specializing in machines for chemical analysis, to recreate a miniature lab incorporating their devices, exemplifies our commitment to precision and innovation.

Derek Young, USA

Lego parts customer for over 5 years

“I've been purchasing from DD Bricks for over 5 years now. Hands down, the best in the game! Always find what I need and get it delivered when I need it!"


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