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Corporate Gifts

At DD Bricks, we elevate corporate gifting with our unique custom LEGO® sets, designed to capture and celebrate the unique essence of each company's brand identity.


These custom LEGO® creations serve not just as gifts, but as distinctive brand ambassadors that convey corporate narratives in a tangible and playful form. Therefore we meticulously craft each piece to our client specifications, ensuring that every detail reflects the company’s values, themes, and messaging.

Tuk Tuk auto made of lego bricks

In a crowded market filled with standard offerings like branded mugs and pens, a distinctive corporate gift like a LEGO® set can set your company apart from its competitors. Opting for such a creative and quality-driven gift demonstrates that you are committed to building meaningful relationships.


This can and will significantly influence your clients’ and partners' perceptions, swaying their preferences towards the company that stands out through its innovative approach to corporate gifting, establishing positive associations and memorable experiences.

Custom BW.jpg
corporate gift box custom red colour

From Start to Finish
We've Got You Covered

From the initial consultation through to the final delivery, we provide a seamless and responsive customer service experience tailored to your needs. 

cloud city lego bricks pieces construction

Initial Contact and Discovery


Once you contact us, our team will schedule a video call with you. This is to have a clear understanding of your vision and requirements.


Packaging & Extra


We then get back to the client to design personalized packaging, sticker sheets, printed parts, and instruction manuals.

Bringing the Design to Life


Create 3D designs, prototype with real LEGO® parts, and source the material (new or pre-loved).


​Many customers prefer brand new parts, but we also offer pre-loved LEGO® parts. As the world’s largest seller of used parts, this is a great sustainable option.

Sending Your Custom LEGO® Sets Home


We provide customized solutions for corporations or extensive installations.


Our team is equipped to handle requests of any size, delivering a personalized service that meets your specific requirements.

lego piece sticker
Booklet Instructions Main lego
lego piece sticker

A Journey Through Customization

Watch how we create unique LEGO® experiences tailored for your business.

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Why DD Bricks for Your Corporate Gifts?

Full Customization Possibilties

At DD Bricks, we push boundaries and provide highly customized  and personalized LEGO® gifts that are setting industry standards for what corporate gifts can and should be. Each LEGO® set is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every color, piece, and design reflects your specifications and brand ethos.


Your imagination is the limit, and we at DD Bricks will transform the standard LEGO® bricks into a tailored storytelling tool that meets both your budget and imagination. Having difficulty coming up with ideas? Check out our article on the top 10 creative LEGO® corporate gifting ideas of 2024.

Multi-Sensory Engagement

A key standout aspect of DD Bricks’ LEGO® corporate gifts is the multi-sensory experience we provide. Unlike standard gifts that might engage one or two senses, our LEGO® sets engage four key senses—

  • Sight

  • Touch

  • Smell

  • Sound


This rich sensory engagement ensures that every interaction with the LEGO® set is memorable and enjoyable, significantly enhancing the recipient's recall of the brand and the positive feelings associated with it. To put it simply, LEGO® corporate gifts are engaging and satisfying.

Exceptional Customer Service

From the initial consultation through to the final delivery, we provide a seamless and responsive customer service experience tailored to your needs. Our commitment involves hands-on support and maintaining open lines of communication throughout the project lifecycle. This approach guarantees that each corporate gift is not only beautiful and fun but also strategically aligned with your marketing and branding goals.


While our process is inherently collaborative, we understand that time constraints may not always allow for close involvement. If necessary, we can streamline the process, taking the lead to minimize your input without compromising the quality and relevance of the final product. This flexibility ensures that even with limited involvement, the final product not only meets but exceeds everyone’s expectations.

Enduring Impact and Scalability

Unlike disposable or perishable gifts, a LEGO® set from DD Bricks creates a lasting impact. Each piece is designed to be scalable and compatible across generations — a brick from the 1950s can seamlessly connect with one made today. This timeless quality not only reflects the longevity of LEGO® builds but also enhances the scalability of your corporate gifts as you expand your collections over time.


Wherever these LEGO® sets are displayed, they will serve as a constant reminder of the corporate relationship and the positive experiences associated with your brand. This is far more effective in maintaining brand visibility over time compared to standard corporate choices.

Superior Product Quality

Product quality is top priority at DD Bricks, where only the highest standards are acceptable. Each component used in their LEGO® sets, whether new or used, is carefully selected and inspected to ensure durability, safety, and aesthetic appeal.


The precision in the assembly and packaging process reflects our German attention to detail and Thai creativity, resulting in products that are not only innovative but also consistently high in quality. Thus, our focus on delivering excellent craftsmanship guarantees that each corporate gift is a premium product, contributing to the recipient's positive experience and perceived value.

Eco-Friendly Options

Here at DD Bricks we offer both new and used (or 'pre-loved') LEGO® parts in an effort to support sustainability and promote a circular economy. This commitment to environmental responsibility sets us apart from the rest.


Offering this option gives us the opportunity to work with environmentally conscious corporations and businesses that are committed to promoting a better future for all generations.

Our Projects

Football field lego bricks pieces
Custom lego tram for a hongkong based insurance company

DD Bricks teamed up with a well-known insurance company in Hong Kong, celebrating its 25th anniversary, to craft a unique gift for its employees.


Let's dive into how we tackled the challenge of creating custom LEGO tram replicas that capture the city's spirit.

Custom lego cargo van for a global logistics company

We collaborated with a leading logistics company, whose name remains undisclosed due to non-disclosure agreements, to create unique corporate gifts.


This case study delves into our partnership, showcasing the design process, production, and the impact of our custom LEGO trucks.

For a leading producer of industrial-scale electric transformers

Our collaboration with a US-based company specializing in industrial-scale electric Transformers resulted in the creation of a remarkable LEGO model—a truck with a flatbed transporting one transformer.


This case study delves into our approach to designing a standout model while balancing scale, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

Lego science lab for a supplier of machines for chemical analysis

In the realm of corporate gifting, customization and attention to detail are crucial.


Our collaboration with a company specializing in machines for chemical analysis, to recreate a miniature lab incorporating their devices, exemplifies our commitment to precision and innovation.


Get in Touch

Please share your vision with us so that we can bring it to life!

Estimated Budget
$1USD - $5000USD
$5000USD - $20,000USD
$20,000USD - $50,000USD
Purpose of Inquiry
Corporate Gift
Lego Parts Bulk
Media and Press Inquiry
Partnership Opportunity


Schedule a 15 minutes call with our LEGO® Expert to get started!

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