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BrickLink Outage Continues: Awaiting the Return of the LEGO Marketplace

As we continue to wait, BrickLink, the LEGO secondary market, remains offline. Unfortunately, the only update we have received so far is a small but somewhat reassuring note from the BrickLink team, emphasizing their ongoing efforts to resolve the issue.

The unexpected downtime of BrickLink has left many of us in the LEGO community feeling adrift. The site's maintenance page, citing 'unusual activity,' is a sparse but telling indicator of the challenges they're facing. This incident marks a significant interruption in the otherwise bustling activity of buying, selling, and sharing our passion for LEGO.

In their brief statement, BrickLink acknowledged the disruption and assured users of their hard work to bring the platform back. While details are sparse, this communication is a small solace for those of us eagerly waiting for normalcy to return.

Unfortunately, for buyers and sellers in the LEGO community, it's a period of uncertainty.

During this downtime, we at DD Bricks want to ensure our customers continue to enjoy the LEGO experience without interruption. We're fortunate to have our inventory fully accessible through BrickOwl and our dedicated shop at DD Bricks. We invite you to explore these platforms for your LEGO needs.

Additionally, should you require any specific assistance, feel free to reach out to our customer service team with your request. We are committed to providing you with the best possible support.

Stay connected with us for further updates and discussions on this evolving story.

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