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LEGO Serious Play: Unlocking the Potential of Custom LEGO Sets in the Corporate World


In today's fast-paced corporate environment, fostering communication, collaboration, and creative problem-solving is crucial for success. One innovative approach that has gained traction in recent years is LEGO Serious Play (LSP), a facilitated methodology that uses LEGO bricks to encourage participants to think and communicate more effectively. In this article, we will explore how custom LEGO sets can be incorporated into LSP workshops and events, providing a unique and engaging corporate gift option that also supports professional development.

The LEGO Serious Play Methodology: An Overview

LEGO Serious Play is a hands-on, experiential process that enables participants to explore complex issues, develop shared understanding, and generate innovative solutions. The methodology is based on the belief that everyone has the capacity for creative problem-solving, and that play can unlock these hidden abilities.

LSP sessions are facilitated by trained professionals who guide participants through a series of structured exercises that involve building and storytelling. Using LEGO bricks as a medium, participants construct three-dimensional models that represent their thoughts, ideas, and feelings. These models serve as the basis for group discussions and reflections, enabling participants to share their perspectives, build on each other's ideas, and reach a collective understanding.

Incorporating Custom LEGO Sets into LSP Workshops

Custom LEGO sets can add an extra layer of engagement and personalization to LSP workshops, making them a valuable tool for corporate events and team-building exercises. Here are some ways that custom LEGO sets can be integrated into the LSP methodology:

1. Company-themed LEGO sets

Custom LEGO sets designed to reflect a company's brand, values, or industry can be used as a starting point for LSP workshops. These sets can provide a visual representation of the company's identity, helping participants to connect with the organization's mission and goals. Using these sets as a basis for LSP exercises can stimulate discussions about company culture, values, and strategic direction.

2. Bespoke challenge kits

Custom LEGO sets can be created to address specific business challenges or themes, providing participants with a tangible starting point for problem-solving exercises. For example, a custom set could be designed to represent a company's supply chain, allowing participants to explore ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs. By building and manipulating these bespoke challenge kits, participants can gain new insights and develop innovative solutions to real-world problems.

3. Personalized LEGO gifts

Custom LEGO sets can also be used as personalized gifts for workshop participants, serving as a lasting reminder of the skills and insights gained during the LSP session. These sets can be tailored to reflect the individual's role within the company or the specific challenges they face, providing a unique and meaningful memento that can also be used for further reflection and learning.

The Benefits of Custom LEGO Sets in LSP Workshops

Incorporating custom LEGO sets into LSP workshops offers several benefits for both participants and organizations:

1. Enhanced engagement

Custom LEGO sets can make LSP workshops more engaging and enjoyable, as participants are more likely to be invested in the process when they can relate to the materials and themes. This increased engagement can lead to more productive discussions and more effective problem-solving.

2. Greater relevance

Using custom LEGO sets that reflect a company's brand, values, or challenges ensures that LSP exercises are highly relevant to the organization and its participants. This can help to focus discussions on the most pressing issues and generate solutions that are directly applicable to the company's context.

3. Memorable learning experiences

Custom LEGO sets can create memorable learning experiences for participants, helping to reinforce the lessons and insights gained during the LSP session. By providing a tangible reminder of the workshop, these sets can encourage ongoing reflection and learning, supporting the long-term development of critical thinking and problem-solving

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