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Navigating the BrickLink Outage: DD Bricks Keeps Builders Building


In a surprising turn of events that has rippled through the LEGO community, BrickLink, the cornerstone of LEGO fans' world for unique pieces and rare sets, has apparently encountered a serious cybersecurity setback. Emerging reports from various digital platforms indicate a hacking incident, resulting in the renowned online marketplace being temporarily inaccessible.

For those new to the platform, BrickLink is more than a mere storefront; it's a dynamic community where LEGO enthusiasts gather and connect. Acquired by the LEGO Group in 2019, BrickLink has operated under the giant's umbrella while maintaining its unique community-led spirit. The platform boasts over a million members, houses more than 10,000 seller stores across 70 countries, and hosts the innovative BrickLink Designer Program, turning fan-designed models into purchasable sets.

The Impact of the Outage:

The current pause in operations, highlighted by sources like Jay’s Brick Blog, indicates that the site has been down for maintenance longer than any routine update would warrant. Speculation is rife, but the common consensus leans towards a hack.

DD Bricks' independent IT Infrastructure:

At DD Bricks, our proactive approach to creating a secure and reliable shopping experience for LEGO enthusiasts has led us to develop a solid IT infrastructure. Since our inception in 2017 by a team of passionate LEGO fans, we've prioritized a system that functions independently, ensuring that our services remain consistent and accessible to our customers, irrespective of external circumstances. This independent system is a testament to our foresight in anticipating the need for a resilient platform that can seamlessly support our customers' needs without interruption.

At DD Bricks, we take pride in our robust operations anchored by a self-reliant Order and Inventory Management system. This tailored technology, developed with the expertise of DBot Software, a leading provider of custom software solutions, is the cornerstone of our uninterrupted services. Specializing in logistics and warehouse software, DBot has equipped us with intelligent automation capabilities from the outset, streamlining our processes to maximize efficiency. Despite the current challenges in the digital realm, our commitment to seamless service remains steadfast. Our customers can continue to explore and purchase from our expansive selection of over 80,000 new and used LEGO parts, minifigures, and sets through our independent online shop, confident in the knowledge that our operations are designed to be as effective and resilient as possible

What This Means for You:

For the LEGO builder, this independence translates to reliability. As BrickLink faces its challenges, DD Bricks customers can continue to shop, build, and enjoy their passion for LEGO without pause. We handle all orders - whether placed before or after the BrickLink incident - with the same diligence and speed our community has come to expect.

While we stand with BrickLink during these trying times and hope for a swift and secure resolution, we at DD Bricks also take this as an affirmation of our mission: to provide a stable, secure, and seamless LEGO buying experience.

Our Invitation:

We invite you to explore our inventory at or reach out to us for bespoke requests. Building with LEGO is more than a hobby; it's a commitment to creativity. And at DD Bricks, our commitment is to you, the builders, the dreamers, and the creators.

Our dedicated customer service team is committed to providing you with personalized assistance for all your unique needs. If you have a specific wishlist—be it in XML format or any other—we invite you to share it with us. Our experts will meticulously generate a detailed report for you, outlining the availability of each item as well as their respective prices. We're here to ensure a seamless and satisfying shopping experience tailored just for you.


The BrickLink outage serves as a reminder of the fragility of digital platforms but also of the resilience that can be fostered through preparation and independence.

Once more, we extend our best wishes to BrickLink for a swift and complete recovery. We eagerly await their return to continue enriching the global community of LEGO enthusiasts.

Together, let's continue to nurture the creative spirit and inspiration that LEGO building brings to us all, keeping the joy of construction and imagination thriving.

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