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Navigating the World of LEGO Marketplaces: BrickLink, BrickOwl, and BrickScout


If you're a LEGO enthusiast, the internet is a veritable treasure trove of possibilities. Beyond the gleaming shelves of the official LEGO store, a whole world awaits in the form of vibrant online marketplaces, each brimming with endless varieties of LEGO parts, from the rarest minifigures to vast assortments of bulk bricks. It's a place where collectors, builders, and sellers converge in a shared passion for these iconic building blocks.

Today, we're delving into the heart of this online LEGO community by exploring three major platforms: BrickLink, BrickOwl, and BrickScout. Each of these marketplaces has carved out its niche in the LEGO world, offering unique features and a distinct experience. Whether you're on the hunt for that one special piece to complete your latest creation, looking to expand your collection with rare sets, or aiming to pass on your cherished LEGO pieces to another enthusiast, these platforms offer something for everyone.

As we navigate through each of these sites, we'll uncover what sets them apart, the pros and cons of each, and some tips to enhance your buying or selling experience. So, grab your building bricks, and let's dive into the colorful world of LEGO online marketplaces!

BrickLink: The Veteran Marketplace

Owned by LEGO itself, BrickLink stands as the oldest and most reputable online LEGO marketplace. Its extensive inventory, sourced from sellers across the globe, makes it a premier destination for LEGO fans.


  • Extensive Inventory: A broad range of LEGO parts, from common bricks to rare pieces.

  • Community-Driven: Active forums and resources fueled by a passionate user community.

  • Advanced Search Functions: Precise filtering to find exactly what you need.

  • Wanted List Feature: Allows you to create personalized lists of items you're looking to buy, making shopping and project planning more organized and efficient.

  • BrickLink Designer Program: Offers a unique platform for LEGO fans to submit digital designs, which can be turned into real sets through crowdfunding and preorders.


  • Can Be Overwhelming: The sheer volume of options may be daunting for newcomers.

  • Variable Pricing: Prices for the same items can differ significantly between sellers.

BrickLink not only connects buyers and sellers but also fosters a creative community. The Wanted List feature is particularly notable for its convenience in tracking and purchasing specific items. Additionally, the BrickLink Designer Program is a testament to the platform's commitment to innovation and community engagement, offering a unique opportunity for fans to bring their LEGO designs to life.

BrickOwl: The User-Friendly Contender

BrickOwl is rapidly making a name for itself as a user-friendly platform in the LEGO marketplace. Its modern and intuitive design appeals to a wide audience, from those just beginning their LEGO journey to seasoned collectors looking for a streamlined experience.


  • Intuitive Interface: BrickOwl's interface stands out for its ease of use, making it a welcoming environment for newcomers to navigate and explore the world of LEGO online.

  • Wishlist Feature: A standout tool that allows users to keep track of specific items they're looking for. This feature simplifies shopping and is particularly helpful for those working on specific projects or looking to complete a collection.

  • Focus on User Experience: The platform is dedicated to creating a hassle-free and enjoyable shopping experience, frequently updating and refining its features based on user feedback.


  • Smaller User Base: As a newer platform, BrickOwl doesn't yet have the extensive community found on more established sites, which may result in a slightly more limited variety of items.

  • Developing Advanced Features: While BrickOwl excels in basic functionality, some of its more complex features are still evolving and might not yet match the depth offered by BrickLink.

BrickOwl distinguishes itself with its commitment to user-centric design and ease of use. The convenience of the Wishlist feature makes it a promising choice for both buying and selling LEGO. As the platform continues to grow and develop, it's poised to become an even more significant player in the LEGO marketplace.

BrickScout: The European Gem

BrickScout is less known globally but is a treasure trove, especially for European LEGO fans. It offers a unique assortment, including European-exclusive sets.


  • Specializes in unique and European exclusive sets.

  • Often features hard-to-find items not listed elsewhere.

  • Competitive pricing, especially within Europe.


  • Smaller inventory compared to BrickLink and BrickOwl.

  • Limited reach and recognition outside of Europe.

Tips for Using These Marketplaces:

  1. Compare Prices: Always compare prices across these platforms for the best deal.

  2. Check Seller Ratings: Look at seller feedback to ensure reliability.

  3. Be Specific in Searches: Use specific keywords for more accurate results.

  4. Consider Shipping Costs: They can vary widely, especially for international orders.


Whether you’re a collector looking for that rare set, a builder in need of specific parts, or a seller with a stash to offload, these platforms offer unique opportunities. BrickLink, BrickOwl, and BrickScout each cater to different needs and preferences, making the LEGO buying and selling experience more accessible and enjoyable.

Your Experiences:

Have you used these platforms? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below to help fellow LEGO enthusiasts!

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