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LEGO® is getting more and more popular around the world.  The community of LEGO® fans is growing and so is the amount and quality of custom designs that we see out there. The demand for custom sets for private customers but especially as corporate gifts is ever increasing. We are excited to see that our passion for LEGO® is shared by so many.

But we also understand how difficult it can be for a small business to handle the increasing demand and scale of projects.


This is where our strength lies. In the last years we have grown to be one of the biggest sellers of new and used LEGO® parts in the world. On the way we've learned a lot and are now capable of offering our expertise to help you realize new projects or scale up your operations. With our growing team of now 60 experienced LEGO® professionals we can handle even large scale projects with confidence. Let us know what you need and we will handle it so you can focus on sales and your clients.

Corporate gifts

Looking for unique gift for your customers or team members? Tired of printed cups or pens? We offer one of a kind, custom designed LEGO® kits. Together with our team of designers we will guide you through the design process and develop a unique model based on your ideas. Everything from a tiny microscale set to models with thousands of pieces is possible. And to give it the special something we also provide customization options like prints and stickers, packaging, greeting cards etc. We will take care of the whole process from designing, sourcing the parts, customizing, packaging and shipping. Contact us for more information or a brainstorming session. All parts are of course 100% original LEGO® bricks.


Having trouble to getting your project done? Too many parts to sort, too many sets to pack?

With our big, well trained team of experienced LEGO® professionals we can help you. We can pack your sets in which ever way you need. following categories, sizes, colors, or even seperating the bricks according to the instruction manual like in an original LEGO® set. During the sorting and packing process we do a number of checks to make sure no part is missing and a high quality standard is maintained.

Custom Design

Unleash your imagination. With our network of experienced custom LEGO® set designers we can make your ideas come to life. We have designers specialized on architecture, animals, abstract or logo designs, vehicles and many more.

We not only design the LEGO® project itself but can also provide a matching instruction manual, Logo and packaging design.


Have a big project in mind? need parts for a educational event? Don't know where to get all the parts?

Don't have the time to order from a number of different shops? With our own huge stock and big network of partners we have access to practically unlimited amounts of bricks for a very competitive price. Let us know about your needs.


Need the special something to make your LEGO® project really unique or personal?

We offer a wide range of customization options. You can print names or logos on the bricks, design a sticker, build a unique minifig, chose special packaging, add a note or QR code in the set or just let us know what ideas you have.

We will do our best to make it happen.

Contact us for more information or a brainstorming session.
All parts are 100% original LEGO® bricks.

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