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Two LEGO marketplaces for you: Bricklink & Brickowl

If you are a LEGO fan, you might have heard of Bricklink and Brickowl. These are two online marketplaces where you can buy and sell LEGO parts, sets and minifigures. But what are the differences between them and which one should you use? Here are some pros and cons of each site to help you decide.


Bricklink is the oldest and largest LEGO marketplace, founded in 2000. It has over 10,000 sellers from around the world, offering more than 1 billion parts in over 15,000 categories. You can find almost any LEGO piece you need on bricklink, from rare vintage parts to new releases. You can also buy complete sets, custom sets, instructions and stickers.


- Huge selection of parts and sets

- Advanced search and filtering options

- Ability to create wanted lists and compare prices

- Community features such as forums, reviews and feedback

- Supports multiple currencies and payment methods


Brickowl is a newer LEGO marketplace, launched in 2013. It has over 2,000 sellers from more than 60 countries, offering over 300 million parts in over 10,000 categories. Brickowl has a more modern and intuitive website design than Bricklink, making it easier to browse and shop. You can also buy sets, minifigures, instructions and stickers on brickowl.


- Website design is sleek and user-friendly

- Fees for sellers are lower than bricklink

- Shipping costs are calculated automatically based on your location

- Customer service is fast and helpful


Both Bricklink and Brickowl have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to buying and selling LEGO online. Depending on your preferences, budget and location, you might prefer one over the other. However, you can also use both sites to compare prices, availability and shipping options. Ultimately, both sites are great resources for LEGO enthusiasts who want to expand their collection or sell their surplus bricks.

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